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Part of the Story (NovemberDecember 2017)

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by , October 31st, 2017 at 09:34 PM (2371 Views)
We spend a lot of time helping share the stories of our individual members, but U.S. Masters Swimming has a story, too.

In two years USMS will begin celebrating its 50th anniversary. Of course, our longtime memberssome of whom were there at the beginningare excited about this. But our celebrations will include all our members. If you just joined USMS, you are now part of the story.

You might wonder how our history affects your swimming. For starters, you might not be enjoying a daily swim workout if it werent for the efforts of John Spannuth, Ransom Arthur, June Krauser, and others.

In her profile of Spannuth on page 18, Elaine K. Howley takes us back to when adults over the age of 25 were advised to approach exercise cautiously, as though they might endanger their health if they worked out too hard.

We know better now. Thanks to advances in medicine and research, we know that vigorous physical activity has life-prolonging effects. Its also why nonswimmers are surprised when they find out your real agemany of you look a decade younger than your FINA age.

Watching an organization spring up around the healthful pursuit of swimming has been fun for the early adopters, including Robert Beach of St. Pete Masters, who swam in the second masters meetheld in 1971and hasnt stopped since.

Beach put his photo albums on long-term loan to the National Office, so we could scan and preserve them for generations to come. The images included in our profile on Spannuth are all from those albums.

If you have a favorite image or two that tells not only your swimming story, but part of the overall Masters Swimming story, please reach out to uswed love to include copies in our archives and share them throughout the yearlong celebration in 2020.

And they dont have to be from the 1970swell be celebrating Masters Swimming through all five decades of our history, so whether youve been with us for 50 years or five months, youre part of our story.

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