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Gotta build back the blogging habit ...

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by , November 2nd, 2017 at 08:02 PM (106 Views)
... to coincide with my training habit. Training's been going well as I steadily build my way back. I'm increasing volume and intensity a bit, and getting a bit faster in workouts, but still far from where I was a year ago at this time. I'm going to try to get back into the daily habit of recording my workouts.

I was working from my company's San Mateo office for the last two days and managed to add two new pools to my list. I haven't yet updated the pictures there, but I'm pretty good about posting pool pics on Instagram (brundageswims is my username).

Last night I swam with the Masters team at the Peninsula Community Center in Redwood City and was happy to find it was a 25 meter pool. It was a good workout, but I'm so spoiled swimming by myself that it felt a bit open watery with 4-5 people a lane. I appreciated the coach giving me a little crap when I got out early (I stopped just shy of 3K SCM knowing I was swimming again this morning); I like it when coaches take an active interest in pushing their swimmers ... I still got out, though, and hit the hot tub and sauna instead of a 600 pace swim

This morning I drove through the mountains, only about 20 minutes, to the coast so I could nab the pool at Half Moon Bay high school. This was a lap swimming time that required USMS membership, but was un-coached. I only did 1,750 SCY as that put me to 8,000 yard equivalents thus far this week. I'll be aiming to do two 4K workouts this weekend and hit 16K for the week, 1K above my 'max week' thus far this year. One of the things I focused on was doing a number of the drills that USMS COO & Coach Bill Brenner gave us this weekend at our LMSC Freestyle Clinic and Members Meeting - That clinic reminded me how sloppy I can get and how much focus I need to give to form every workout.

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    I've missed seeing your blog regularly. Glad to see you back.