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Sunday, June 28

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bench press, 70 x 1 x 4, 80 x 3 x 8
low row on machine, 100 x 1 x 10, 110 x 1 x 10, 120 x 1 x 10
alternating hammers, 20 x 2 x 30
ab machine, 100 x 1 x 15, 110 x 1 x 14, 120 x 1 x 15, 130 x 1 x 15, 140 x 1 x 10
back extensions w/10 lb plate overhead, 2 x 15
forward lunges w/20 lb weights, 2 x 20
squat swing w/25 lb plate, 1 x 15 (this caused a twinge in the left scapular area, so I stopped)

external rotators, 10 x 3 x 15, each arm
seated straight arm dips for RC, 60 x 2 x 25
prone scapular scrunches w/hand weights and elevated feet, 2 x 25
arm extensions, 3 x 3 x 15 (front, V, side)

10 minutes stretching

20 minutes on ellipse machine


Very short swim. Really exhausted from lack of sleep and misadventures of last night (see below). Focused solely on technique, no energy for any hard sets or fast swimming on my own.

Warm up:

600 variety swim, kick, drill

Technique set:

32 x 25s, done as

16 x 25, 2 x through:

1-4 UW shooters (scraped bottom a few times)
5-8 easy speed fly, focusing on DPS and breakouts
9-12 backstroke, focusing on breakouts
13-16 breaststroke, focusing on pullout and breakout

100 C/D

Total: 1500 meters


Not such a great night. Shortly after 9:00 pm, Mr. Fort gashed his calf muscle on some broken glass and I had to rush him to the ER. No nerve damage or trip to the OR, but 20 stitches. He won't be able to do anything for 2 weeks and can't run for perhaps 2 months depending on how it heals (can bike sooner, however). He is worse than me; he may need anti-depressants to combat the exercise deprivation. We didn't get home from the ER until 3:00 am. That's the third night in a row of going to sleep in the wee hours for me. I've been in a bit of a sleep deprived daze. Nothing compared to Mr. Fort's plight, but enough to keep me from being able to do any hard aerobic conditioning or speed work. Hopefully, I can catch up on sleep this week.

Still feel like I got in a decent week of training after my wasteful tapering: 5 swims (14,300 meters), 4 gym sessions, 3 bikes and a couple very short run/ellipse sessions.


Food front had been pretty good the last few days. Eaten plenty of lean meat, fish, veggies, salads, fruit etc. I haven't eaten a proper breakfast in the last couple days, as I've had to dash out of the house. That is NOT a good thing.

Kate Ziegler:

Here's an article from yesterday's paper on Kate Ziegler revealing that she was "burned out" by the Olympics.

I've heard a rumor that she may join another team. A couple of the faster guys she trains with on The Fish are heading to college next year and she might be without training partners ... Perhaps she could use a change of venue, much like Hoff did?

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Updated June 28th, 2009 at 08:29 PM by The Fortress

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  1. elise526's Avatar
    Hope Mr. Fort is resting comfortably today.

    That is a bunch of working out. Hopefully, you can get some good rest the next couple of nights.
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    Poor Mr. Fort. A gash to the calf will be painful for running no doubt.
    Good luck on your sleep!
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    Really sorry to hear about your husband. Were officers called to the scene? Criminalists? Was the cut considered accidental, or did the forensics indicate some sort of slashing motion was involved? Did anyone see the accident? I realize that this is a stretch, but sometimes men married to very athletic women will emit a "cry for help" of this sort. I don't know exactly what to advise, but I fear that if you "baby" him, it might only provide the kind of "secondary gain" that can lead to more such intentional or "accidentally on purpose" "cry for help" behaviors such a this. I have seen the pattern before. Anyhow, and I should probably admit right here that I am not a pyschiatrist, though I have consulted with many, many of them over the years, my advice is to find someone else to baby for a while, to reinforce to your husband that you will not baby him but rather someone who really needs it.

    I am not a real psychiatrist, but I am definitely a real baby. And I would be glad to help you help yourself by babying me.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Elise and Bob! Got a bit more sleep last night.
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jim thornton
    sometimes men married to very athletic women will emit a "cry for help" of this sort.
    Mr. Fort is more athletic than me! And I've already caught him doing side planks and planning a foray to the weight room.

    But, no doubt, many men like to be pampered and babied when they are sick or injured. Some, who shall remain unnamed, even like to be pampered prior to swim meets when there is no evidence of malady ...