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Aerobic Sunday

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by , November 12th, 2017 at 07:53 PM (223 Views)
Rather than splitting up my run and swim today, I just did them back-to-back. Though the run was only 2.25 miles, that and the hard IM set, had me struggling throughout the warmup (e.g., the 1,750 set that I'd done the last few workouts). My main set today was 7 x 200 on 2:40, aiming to hold 2:24, which is the threshold pace determined from my 3 x 300 test earlier this week ( I ended up going 2:21+, 2:21, 2:21, 2:20, 2:20, 2:20, 2:21+ and then wrapped up the workout with a recovery set of 5 x 50, giving me 3,400 yards for the workout and 15K yards over the course of the week.

I am taking a much deserved day of rest tomorrow and then will execute a bit of rest ahead of next week's Ron Johnson / State Short Course Meters Champs - Turnout is looking GREAT - already up to 175 swimmers and the weather forecast looks perfect!

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