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Katia J Hoberman


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I simpley cant thank Chris Ritter enough for helping me get back on track. He has been my trainer for a couple years and has been there for me through tough times ie.. family crisis, emergency surgery, and unpredictable weather fatalities. Ive had trainers in the past but Chris is one of a kind. With his passion and dedication to help athletes and myself reach our goals to become stronger has made me have more belief in myself. Its like when unexpected things in life happen he has helped me become strong again, fast again, and smooth and efficient in my strokes. Im almost 100% again in my strength and Im definitely swimming strong!! Thanks Chris.. Although you may not ever see this blog!! LOL💪🏼🏊🏼*♀️💦

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  1. f1refl1es!'s Avatar
    He sounds like a real prize! I know I'm going to miss the two coaches (okay, instructors, but we had a lot of one-on-one time) now that my first swim class is ending. Chris Ritter sounds like he goes above and beyond. Here's to more of us being like Chris!
  2. Katia J Hoberman's Avatar
    Chris is great! Hes my On-line strength training coach. I wish I could have him as a personal trainer physically in front of me, but his coaching has brought me a long way!! Thanks for the connection!