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Katia J Hoberman

Strength and Swim

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Deadlift 135#x10, 2nd set 145#x4 Slow
Swing KB 35#x20, 2nd set same Fast
Pull up w band x7, 2nd set x6 Slow
Speed Skiers x6, 2nd set same Fast
Bridge Drag sand bag 30# 24, 2nd set same Slow
Back Sqt 60#x10, 2nd set 65#x5 Slow
Sqt Jump x5, 2nd set same Fast
Overhead Press 50#x10, 2nd set 55#x6 Slow
Push Press 25#x4, 2nd set same Fast

rest 30 min


500 Free long reach good body stretch
rest 30sec
500 Free long reach, good stretch, lengthen legs to other end of pool stretching body, good relax breathing, pressing chest, gliding through water.

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