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Katia J Hoberman

Strength & Power

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Id so rather be in pool than the gym any day!
what a beautiful day is was here in Houston!
long swim tomorrow and I cant wait to be where I belong

Deadlift 135#x10, 145#x6 Slow
Swing KB 40#x 12, 40#x12 Fast
Pull up w band x8, x8 Slow
Speed skiers x6, x6 Fast
Bridge Drag sand bag 35#x16, 35#x16 Slow
Speed Skiers x6, x6 Fast
Back Sqt 60#x10, 65#x6 Slow
Sqt Jump x6, x6 Fast
Overhead press 55#x8,60x4 Slow
Push press 25#x4, 25#x4.

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