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Katia J Hoberman

Recovering from car accident

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Over the holidays December 22nd, changed my life but Im getting better. And getting stronger with the help of IronMan clinic PT.

One of those typical car collisions we hear about, a person on their cell phone (at least she admitted to the police) and not paying attention to driving.
I was rear ended from full force, my neck, spine and lower back took a beating. Torn and pulled ligaments but thankfully nothing broken, although kinda feels like it. My neurologist Dr Joseph Cochran has cleared me to start weights to get my strength back along with some light swims, just 200-400 only. CT and MRI look great now.

Chris Ritter is my trainer and has been for the past 3 years. He did a phenomenal job getting me strong again after my kidney surgery in November and I have full confidence hell get me strong again from this car accident injury.

First workout was lighter from todays but it still felt great!

Deadlift #115x6both sets
Single arm row #35x6 both sets
Bridge drag sand bag #30x8 both sets
Kneeling rollout MB x5 w 5sec hold on end both sets
Pull ups w band x 5 both sets
Waiter Carry #25x 20 yards both sets
Back Squats #55x8 both sets
Overhead press #45x6, #50x4

Im hoping to be back in the pool this week! Just worried about my neck, my doc cleared me but Im still kinda scared. Ill take it easy👌🏼

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    Yikes Katia! So thankful it wasnt worse but how scary is that? I hope you recover soon. Some pool time will be good for the soul. Have you thought about using a snorkel for a while to give your neck more time to heal?
  2. Katia J Hoberman's Avatar
    Thank you for the suggestion and thank you for your kindness!!😊
    im recovering well enough that I do not need to use the snorkel just yet but if I do begin to hurt than I will definitely use it!! 👌🏼😊🏊🏼*♀️💦