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Hi Paige, its SueI have some bad news.

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I heard the voicemail, was worried and tried to call Susan back twice. Finally the phone rang.

“Paige…Peter drowned.”

Peter was a surfer and one of the Jersey shore gang I hung out with in my teen's and 20's. We dated one summer. At the time he was on top of the world. He was racing Formula Ford race cars so I went up to Lime Rock Ct with him and his parents one week end. My stomach still remembers the way he took those curves on the drive up to the track. Paul Newman was there and so was Warner Earnhardt. No relations to the Dale's (I don’t think)…but some hip psychological guru from California. Anyway….I can’t seem to remember exactly what trouble Peter had with the car. Had he flipped?

I do remember after we stopped seeing each other my mother heard that he was in Cosmopolitian Magazine as Most available bachelor of the month.

Peter loved to surf with Michael, Sue’s twin brother. As adults they traveled around the world in search of you know what. Now in their 50’s they had been together in the ocean last Thursday bodysurfing off New Jersey shore. Dear, sweet, careful Michael did everything he could to revive his long time buddy, but he could not win the battle against another’s destiny.

As far as anyone knows there was no trauma to his body. The sea had been strong…but not something they had not encountered before. I write this in my blog because it is about swimming in open water. I feel the loss of a friend, fear and confusion about the ocean right now.

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  1. EricOrca's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your friend, I used to surf, long ago.
  2. knelson's Avatar
    Holy cow! My condolences.
  3. flippergirl's Avatar
    Thanks for the your offer of condolences Orca and Knelson.
    I still feel struck by the loss and confused about why these random things happen. The sea is so aluring with its power and beauty. I understand the desire to be caught up in its arms by riding the waves. I also know the last few times I went bodysurfing in water a bit surly something told me to be more careful than I would have been when I was younger. I wonder why that voice suddenly appears out of nowhere much more often than when I was younger.
  4. flippergirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EricOrca
    Sorry to hear about your friend, I used to surf, long ago.
    Aren't you interested in cars too? Here is my friend's story with links to info about the super vee formula.
    Thought you might be interested