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Thursday 01252018

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by , January 25th, 2018 at 04:49 PM (48 Views)
another swim in the gym pool

800 w/u

4 x 50 kick w/fins + board. odds dolphin/evens flutter

3 x 100 w/fins. 25 drill/25 swim/25 drill/25 swim

main sets:
500 free, every 4th length faster
5 x 100, 75 free/25 breast
400 pull w/paddles and buoy, every 4th length faster
4 x 100, 25 breast/75 free, 25 free/25 br/25 fr, 50 fr/25 br/25 fr, 75 fr/25 br
300 swim w/Agility paddles, every 4th length faster
6 x 50. odds 25 breast/25 free. evens 25 free/25 breast

200 w/d

after having the pool to myself yesterday I arrived today to see 2 guys sharing 1 lane and a guy in the other. since I was still chilly from walking in from my car (the air was 28F), I went in the sauna to stretch, hoping something would change. when I came out, the guy by himself offered to swim against the wall and let me swim with him. that lasted through about the 500s, then he got out.

the pace clock wasn't working today. not sure why. I didn't notice until I was in the pool area, in just my suit, or I would have gone to the front to ask. and of course I forgot to say anything when I left.

I felt decent. my foot is recovering. my breast kick isn't quite as snappy as I'd like, but getting there.
my split times were about 1:25 for the 500 free, 1:20 for the 400 pull, and 1:15 w/Agility paddles. around 1:30-1:35 when I mixed in breast.

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