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Swam whimpyish yardage

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200 Warm up
400 drill
500 kick with fins; 45 sec on each 50 yards
200 breastroke
14 x 25 9 on 25 sec, 2 easy, one fast under 18, one cool down. I bought a stopwatch, but still have to find someone to time me. I need a coach, but feel like that is such a big commitment. What if they aren’t the right coach for me?
5 x 50’s on 50
100 IM
400 esay
2400 yards

Saw my big sister this week end and she said a coach would help me to understand how realistic and in what amount of time could I drop first, two seconds off my 50 free. Right now it is 34.50ish Then dreamin about another two.

I know 2400 yards isn't gonna cut it.

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Updated June 30th, 2009 at 05:43 PM by flippergirl



  1. qbrain's Avatar
    Almost any coach is better than no coach and joining a team is more than finding the right coach, you will find people to train with, and make swim buddies. These people will help push you in the right direction as much as a coach will.

    I swam 600 yards Saturday and 1000 meters Sunday. The distance isn't important, what you are trying to accomplish with your time in the pool is. Looks like your focus was kick and some sprints. Did you put everything into the sprints? What was your goal with the kick set? Did you do that?
  2. EricOrca's Avatar
    qbrain, you are the "conscience" of the swimming world!
    flippergirl, I get a lot more out of 2100 SCY with my Masters group than 3600 SCY on my own.
    I get even more when I visit other workouts and drop in, like my trips into Folsom to train
    LCM. Over half the swimmers are better than me there, so I find myself digging deep to push myself harder.
  3. flippergirl's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice. I really need a coach to tell me what are the weaks spots in my stroke. You are correct gbrain, I was focusing on my kick for endurance and I feel like I put everything into my sprints. For example, I do 25yds x 10 @ 18 seconds on 25 sec interval.
    On my 50's I go around 40 and rest 10 seconds. At the end I am panting and rolling my eyes. Is that all out? Something though is missing as I don't see my time is improving.