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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Monday 03/12/18: evening

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Well, looks like Nor'easter #3 in less than two weeks is due to come in overnight and continue through Wednesday. I have had a slight head cold return so I am not feeling the best, so with the expected 12+ again (we had 9 inches 3/2 and 13 inches 3/8) and more shoveling I not only expect the Rec to close tomorrow for regular practice but I'll also have more drylands coming! It always seems like when I have a meet coming up I have to shovel or rake! hahaha

Tonight's taper-ish workout solo at the Rec...
200 free/200 back/200 im drill
4 x 100 (50 kick, 50 pull)
4 x 100 [25 easy, 25 fast (rotate strokes), 50 easy]
200 loosen and out
[Solo/Rec/1600 yds/40 min]

Hotel booked for Harvard meet this weekend. Will drive down before events start on Friday, swim 7 events over the weekend, and drive home Sunday evening. I am in my long stretch at work so no chance before the meet to swim outside of practice tomorrow night, so I am hoping that practice is a go!

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