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Friday 04062018

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did a mini-swim after my gym workout yesterday:
500 w/u
500 pull w/buoy
6 x 50 @ :50
200 w/d

Friday AM swim @ Sendero Springs

500 w/u
500, done 100 moderate/25 fast
500 pull w/buoy, done 75 moderate/25 fast
500, done 100 moderate/25 breast
500 pull w/Agility paddles + buoy, done 100 moderate/25 fast
500, done 100 moderate/25 breast

10 x 100's:
* odds: 75 moderate/25 fast
* evens: 75 moderate/25 breast

500 pull w/Catalyst paddles + buoy, done 100 moderate/25 fast
200 kick, w/fins + board, alternate 25 dolphin/25 flutter
4 x 100 @ 1:30

200 w/d

TTL: 5300 yards

there were 4 of us swimming today, but the others started leaving, one after I did 1500 (he is swimming the 1650 in a meet tonight), another around 2500, then the last around 3500. so I had the whole pool to myself after that. kind of felt bad for the lifeguards having to sit around and watch me.
anyway, my ankle is much better...still not 100%, but getting there. I did a little breast at the gym yesterday so thought I'd try some today.
there is only an analog clock at this pool, and I can't see it for much of the workout since it is too dark. but after the sun rose I was able to see it enough for some pace 100s toward the end...I was wondering if I could do that toward the end of this, and it felt surprisingly good.

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