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Sunday 04082018

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I swam on was 3700, but I can't remember all of the details.
It was unusually chilly here...low 40s. I felt sorry for the lifeguards having to be out to watch me. but then another guy showed up, so I didn't feel quite as bad.
a hot shower sure felt great after the walk of shame to the locker room after I got out of the water.

totally different story today. after a chilly morning, temps were in the mid-60s, sun shining nicely, when I swam this:

500 w/u
5 x 100 pull (buoy) @ 1:30
5 x 200 @ 3:00,
4 x 125 @ 1:55 (100 free/25 breast)
200 kick, fins + board
4 x 25 back, fins
8 x 75 @ 1:15 (50 free/25 stroke), 2 breast/2 back
200 w/d.

TTL: 3600 yards (about an hour)

this made 7 days in a row for me, and 26,000 yards in that time. Tues/Thurs were just short/recovery swim at the end of gym sessions.

there is still just a little swelling on my foot that had the ankle sprain, but all of the black & blue marks are gone. most of the pain is gone, I feel just a little on turns. I barely noticed when I did breast today.

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