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The difference between Club Finder and Places To Swim

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What is the difference between Club Finder and Places to Swim on the new USMS website?

The Club Finder feature on the recently redesigned website is a tool for swimmers searching for U.S. Masters Swimmingregistered clubs and workout groups. Its a searchable database that helps potential members find Masters programs and current members looking to swim in a Masters program.

Information on Club Finder must be populated by the coach or club contact (which you can do here). This helps ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is being presented to our visitors and members. Channeling current and potential members to registered USMS Masters programs serves the member, club, and USMS well.

In the future, all club and workout group information with be captured or edited during the registration or renewal process.

The Places to Swim database is now a USMS member benefit that can be accessed through your My USMS account. Historically, this listing has helped our members find an aquatic facility to swim at when traveling or relocating to a new area. (I use it to research aquatic facilities and potential new USMS clubs.)

However, most of these listings dont have a Masters program. Many that list a Masters program either have discontinued the program or have adult programming that is not registered with USMS. Often, the information in this database is not accurate and therefore not a very reliable resource for our members or potential members. Additions and edits are the responsibility of the facility or club contact and may now only be done by a current USMS member.

Places to Swim doesnt do enough to promote our coaches and registered clubs and workout groups. Why would USMS send potential new members to a facility without a registered USMS club or workout group? Why would USMS send a potential member to an unregistered Masters program?

USMS must support our clubs and coaches, not facilities without our programming. USMS must support the lifeblood of our organization that provides the most important element, a coached Masters program.

Its a simple but meaningful value proposition. Clubs, workout groups, and members paying a membership fee to USMS means USMS returning benefits such as a searchable Club Finder database that channels members to their programs.

If you are coaching or swimming at a facility without a registered club, please contact me for help getting your program registered and listed on Club Finder.

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Updated April 19th, 2018 at 04:04 PM by Bill Brenner