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Calvin S

Wednesday 5/23/18

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PM Dryland @ LRRC "Thunder plunders afternoon practice."

AM Swim:

300 BK swim
4x150 @ 2:30 k/dr/sw w/ fins + SNKL

5x100 @ 1:30
50 EZ
5x100 @ 1:25
50 EZ
5x100 @ 1:20 (missed #4 going 1:22, took :10 rest and went 1:17 on last one)

100 EZ

Total: 3500

PM (not) Swim:

Hustled out the door to get an afternoon swim in, only to have torrential rain and severe thunder/lightning close the pool the moment I got there. Killed the hour before CORE7 with lots of stretching and a few weights : hip abductor/adductor (for my groin), incline leg press (2x15 @ 90#), and shoulder rehab with bands.

Finished with CORE7 class.

Disappointed I couldn't get a second swim in today. Had a kick set planned, which I will just recycle for tomorrow or Friday.

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