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6|1|18 26.2 yard pool

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snorkel throughout
Kick, both arms trailing back passively (o: flutter, e: frog)
20 x 52.4 yd on 0:80

0-arm fly with surf fins, easy / moderate per length
5 x 52.4 yd on 1:00

25 min: sculling, slow kicking with arm at about 110 using frontal drag as mild resistance, and atlantis with and without fins

31 days post surgery. Just started active range of motion on Tuesday. Md doesnt want me to push the range too quickly, his theory is it will prevent instability later down the road. So I am keeping it no more than 100 now.

been swimming 3 x wk doing 500 to 1500m kicking similar to above

Maintaining base fitness 3 x wk with the Assault air bike (rehab arm free, in brace). 2 workouts:
1) 6 x 0:45 (500-600 watts) on 4:15 (50-100 watts easy)
2) 10 x 1:00 (300-400 watts on 2:00 (50-100 watts easy)

Also doing RC scrap for the other shoulder, and whatever else I can manage.

650 kick with fins, arms passive
200 very slow sculling motion with rehab arm no more than 110 degrees
12 min of one arm LP on assult bike, 4 x 40 sec 9550 watt) on 3:00
active range of arm using arm weight to about 80 degrees

524 yd kick with arms trailing back, o length frog/e length flutter, 15:00
15 minutes with fins stretching rehab arm

6|6|18 scm
kicking as usual
passive UW range of motion within comfort as usual

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