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Calvin S

Wednesday 6/6/18

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PM LCM Solo @ LRRC "Short Axis of Evil"
CORE7 post swim

2x300 @ 4:35
2x300 @ 4:25
2x300 @ 4:15

10x50 @ 1:10 pull w/ SP + buoy + SNKL (25 BR/25 FR)

3x100 @ 2:30 "Rouse 100s" w/ fins
8x50 @ 1:00 FL w/ fins
odd: 25 R-arm/25 L-arm
even: STRONG swim, breathing every 4 and focusing on keeping head still
3x100 @ 2:30 "Rouse 100s" w/ fins

Total: 3300


Single-leg V-up (RD3 switched to :30 v-up/:30 toe-touch)*
Incline knees-to-chest w/ arms above head*
Full body crunch*
Side plank hip dips (switch sides every :30)
Mountain climbers w/ gliding discs (RD3 switch to low body plank Spider-mans)
Side crunches (switch sides every :30)
High plank to bird-man **

*added 25# plate for RD2 and RD3
** add 1 push-up after each bird-man on RD2, 2 push-ups on RD3

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Updated June 7th, 2018 at 03:01 PM by Calvin S

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