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100 easy
300 fr with fins
500 one arm (non rehab arm) fr with fins
50 br
6 x 25 UW atlantis kick on 0:45 fins
10 x 25 UW atlantis kick on 1:00 fins
10 x 25 one arm fr on 1:00 fast

Drylands yesterday
Assault bike: 5 x 0:30 AFAP on 4:00 (easy with using right arm), hit 1015 watts
Leg press 1 x 270 x 25
10 min kicking heavy bag

2 months since surgery (LHBT tenodesis, extensive posterior and inferior debridment, and chondroplasy), pain still there but finally letting off, range of movement and strength coming back - can finally push off wall with a quasi streamlined arm. It is difficult to tell if I am pushing too hard and aggravating healing. My PT says i can use weights next week at 10wks, but Ive been doing that at 6 wks, albeit with 1-3 lb db. Good news for me though are signs that I will have promising results with this surgery, the dead spot Ive had during power phase of stroke for 5 years seems to not exist anymore. I will never know if my aggressive approach to rehab gave me 120% or 80% than if I would have followed strict protocol. If I did anything else wrong with recovery, it would be not doing enough pendulum cycles as I am making up with painful stretches now, overdoing it (did active arm raises once at 2 wks), not resting enough. My right arm measures an entire inch smaller than my already skinny left arm

If schedule permits, might participate in a local meet late next month, NT for all events of course.

Aruba is around the corner, should be good to go to enjoy the ocean, no cliff jumping however. Plan on saving money and just stay at my in-laws home.

Going to gym later tonight

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