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Calvin S

Friday 7/6/18

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PM LCM @ UALR "Mary Grace Tucker Memorial Invitational Day #1"

400 swim
6x50 @ :10 rest
odd: k/dr
even: dr/sw
3x100 @ 1:30 @ 800 PACE
100 EZ

800 FR - 9:31.49 (1:05.89/1:10.79/1:11.39/1:12.32/1:11.80/1:12.55/1:13.90/1:12.85) - It was a little worrisome when I watched the boys on my left and right go taking off over the first 100 meters. I told myself to put some blinders on and just did my own thing, and when I flipped at the 350, I finally saw them...passing the flags going into the wall while I was going the other way! I was told I looked strong through the whole race. I was happy with an opening 400 of 4:40.39, I just wish I could have been back a little faster than 4:51.1. On the other hand, both those splits are faster than I went I have been all season in the 400, so that bodes well for Sunday's event!

I had two 500 meter warm ups during the course of the meet and a 400 warm down at the end as well.

Total: 3200

SHOUT OUT: Doug Martin, who wasnt too out of breath after his 50 FR to come time for me in the 800.

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