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Calvin S

Saturday 7/7/18

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AM LCM @ UALR "Mary Grace Tucker Memorial Invitational Day #2"

600 swim (200 FR/100 BK)
6x50 @ :10 rest
odd: k/dr
even: dr/sw

2x100 @ 1:30 PINK/RED
4x25 @ :35 V.S.
100 EZ

100 FR - 58.80 - A good race, but not a great race. I spun my wheels too much on the opening 50, and I switched to breathing every 4th stroke too early on the second 50. I also got caught up in what the swimmer next to me was doing instead of swimming my own race.

200 BK - 2:39.33 (1:16.57/1:22.76) - This was my throw-away event. I just wanted to see what I could go in a race I don't normally swim, while being shaved and tapered. Man do I not like backstroke!

Add in about 1400 assorted warm up and warm-down during the course of the meet.

Total: 3000

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