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Swimming Through Jello

7/9/18 Workout

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Monday, 7/9/2018 CrossFit Workout

Wanted to hit the pool but couldn't find my damn keys for 20 minutes so ended up going to the gym.

Body feeling beat up - right knee, right hip and left piriformis feeling tweaky. Ugh.

Warmup - 500m row, yoga flow, KB warmup

Strength - A) Deadlift - 135/3, 225/3, 275/3, 315/1, 345/1,1, E2MOM 315/3x3, EMOM 255/3x6

B1) Ring row - 4x12
B2) Pushups - 4x20

Conditioning - 7 rounds
5 RKBS 70#
10m/20m/30m shuttle run

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