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Calvin S

Wednesday 7/18/18

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AM SCY Solo @ LRRC "You've been...thunderstruck!"
PM LCM Solo @ LRRC "Hypoxic 'til you get sick"
CORE7 post PM swim

AM swim:

1000 SKIPS

4x75 @ 1:15 FR kick w/ BD
4x50 @ :50 FR kick w/ BD
4x25 @ :25 FR kick w/ BD

50 @ 1:00 fist drill w/ SNKL
**Was starting 4x50 "Progressive Freestyle" when a lifeguard told me she had heard thunder and cleared the pool

Total: 1650

PM swim:

800 (200 FR swim/200 I.M. k/dr by 25/200 FR swim/200 I.M. dr/sw by 25)

4x200 @ 3:00 D1-4 2nd/4th 50 4 breaths max pull w/ paddles (2:44, 2:43, 2:40, 2:35)
8x100 @ 1:30 75 SMOOTH/25 FAST NO BREATH swim w/ fins

8x50 @ 1:00 "Progressive Freestyle" w/ SNKL
200 EZ FL kick w/ fins + BD

Total: 3000

3x (:30 between exercises RD1, :20 between RD2, :10 between RD3)
-weighted crunch/weighted sit-up w/ 12# db (:30 each exercise, reverse order on RD3)
- leg lift to weighted crunch w/ 12# db
- single leg v-ups (RD1), single leg v-ups/full v-ups (:30 each RD2/RD3) w/ 25# plate
- elevated knee tuck (RD1), elevated knee tuck/hip extensions (:30 each RD2/RD3) w/ 25# plate (knee tucks only)
- windshield wipers
- half burpee w/ 4 mountain climbers each leg (RD1), full burpee w/ 4 mountain climbers each leg (RD2), full burpee + extra push-up w/ 2 mountain climbers each leg (RD3)
- plank rotations (RD1), plank rotations/plank leg lifts (:30 each RD2), plank rotations (RD3)
1:00 REST

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    What is "progressive freestyle"?
  2. Calvin S's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by flystorms
    What is "progressive freestyle"?
    w/ SNKL:
    50 fist drill
    50 swim w/ tennis balls
    50 upside down (or "grab") paddles
    50 swim

    A little something I came up with (taking inspiration from other sets I have been given/read about over the years) to work on primarily front catch. Basically, you work your way through increasing resistance, with an emphasis on the forearm catch at the start of the freestyle stroke. Fist drill and tennis ball swim really make you focus on that forearm catch because if you don't, you don't actually go anywhere!

    I do the set a few times a week. Sometimes I use it as a sort of "active recovery" filler between rounds of a set. Sometimes I do it as a stand alone set (usually doing 12-20x25). Sometimes, if I get in the water and I am just not feeling it that day, this is ALL I do, just to have SOMETHING to focus/work on.

    For LCM I had to do it a little different, I actually do them in sets of 8, 2 at a time, because I can't have equipment at both ends of the pool!