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Im baack

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by , November 14th, 2018 at 10:42 PM (1884 Views)
Once again I will attempt to keep a journal. Blog, I mean.

I never stopped swimming by the way. I just stopped writing.

Now, for some reason, I feel a need to put my thoughts to paper.

Ive returned to my roots and gone back to swimming distance. And not short distances, either. Winning is addictive, I suppose; not that Im entering anything remotely nationally ranked or anything, just local stuff. But I really enjoy the workout. The going 7-8000 in a workout for some reason floats my boat. Even when I feel like my arms are about to fall off, I find myself grinning even while I am slogging away at it.

Its a sickness, truly it is.

But there you have it. Its nice to be reinvigorated in my swimming, and to find myself getting faster too.

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  1. Kenny100's Avatar
    Welcome back Celestial. I wish I could focus more on distance...3000 yds per workout is typical for me, so I will slowly increase yardage