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12|21|18 lcm/scm/scy

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by , December 22nd, 2018 at 09:27 AM (643 Views)
Ran into a bulkhead that mysteriously appeared in the lane during lcm set. Was the type they just drag in to each lane and tie off. Thought they were only doing the other lanes. One side was a little longer than scm, and the other was a little longer than scy, swam both liking the slightly longer than scy one the best.

50 fr ez
50 fr ez
2 x 200 SCY IMK
50 fr ez
600 fins

Fly kick parts done as UW Atlantis with 3 - 4 breaths per 50

Lactate conditioning is not activity selective I find. For instance I swam just twice past 2 months, but my legs didnt mind at all 1.3k of straight kicking, even after pushing a few of them. I have been working LP on dryland at least 2x wk which consists of 30s max efforts (peaking to 800 watts rogue / 1100 watts assault) on the airbike followed by 60-90s woodland curve 6-9mph, then remounting airbike 90 - 120s active rest.

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