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12|31|18 not a resolution at all

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by , December 31st, 2018 at 03:58 PM (413 Views)
Dec 27 LCM danny jones pool
(Floating bulkhead in use but swam LCM, going under it each 50)
200 fr ez wu
1800 lcm various kicking with fins
5 x 50 flutter kick on 0:90 without fins

Dec 28
16 x 0:10/0:30 (AFAP/easy) rogue airbike

Dec 30
5 x 0:30/2:00 rogue fanbike/woodland curve treadmill on 4:30
active recovery on bike

Dec 31 LCM (pool had bulkhead but went under as I approach it each length to maintain LCM)
300LCM fr with snorkel
300LCM UWAK (under water atlantis kick) 10-15m per breath
6 x 50LCM Br on slow
1000 LCMkick with snorkel and fins mix of flutter and UWAK
10 x nb 25 SCM fr on 1:00
25 fly with fins

First time swimming fly since april 2016 just to see how my shoulders can take it. My right bicep felt wrong at the lower tendon so I stopped. Probably just not used to the new biceps attachment configuration.

My lower back started going out a few weeks ago, was worse on 27th, but getting better now. Probably form all the running ive been doing in recent preparation for approaching afr fitness test. Hoping for another 100, but i dont know - fine line between peak fitness and breaking down to unsalvageable

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