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Friday 02012019

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by , February 1st, 2019 at 05:26 PM (82 Views)
Friday AM solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

1200 w/u various

100 kick w/fins
75 easy free/back/free w/fins
25 fast fly w/fins

2 x 125 (25 drill/25 free/25 breast fly kick/25 free/25 drill), w/fins
25 easy free w/fins
25 fast fly w/fins

100 kick w/fins
75 easy free/back/free w/fins
25 fast fly w/fins

100 easy free

3 x 300 pull @ 4:10, w/Agility paddles + buoy
right into
300 swim (trying to hold that same pace)

100 easy free

4 x 100 @ 1:35--
* 25 fast/75 easy
* 50 fast/50 easy
* 75 fast/25 easy
* 100 fast

100 easy free

100 fast, broken at the 50 for 10 seconds (held around 1:12)

100 easy free

100 fast, broken at the 25 for 5 seconds (held similar)

100 easy free

300 pull w/Catalyst paddles + buoy

400 w/d various

TTL: 4900 yards

Butterfly: 75 yards
Backstroke: 250 yards
Breaststroke: 300 yards
Freestyle: 4075 yards
Kicking: 200 yards

the air temp was almost balmy this morning, in the mid-50s. I usually need to wear a sweatshirt for the drive over and to feel warm enough before I get in the water. but today was just a t-shirt.

I hadn't done sets of fast swims with a built-in rest for a while, was something we'd do somewhat regularly (maybe monthly) when I swam with masters groups in AZ. we'd sometimes even begin from the blocks...but I'm not sure if the lifeguards at Sendero would like that, maybe I'll ask sometime when I'm the only one.

I was just shy of 49 miles of swimming in January. Not a record, as I hit 60+ in Jan a few years ago, but much more than last year.
I really need to start doing some longer swims to prepare for my Saguaro lake swim, but in the middle of the moving process, I'm not sure when that will happen. who knows, maybe I can get away for a bit this weekend, if the weather cooperates. I'd really like to get to Barton Springs and at least start with about 5km.

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