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2|23|19 and 2|24|19 SC SCY meet

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by , February 25th, 2019 at 06:11 PM (1409 Views)
Had a great time with my friends and team this weekend up in North Myrtle Beach SC. I entered this meet with less than 2000 yards of swimming accomplished over 2+ years, excluding occasional kick-only workouts I've been doing several times or more a month. I included my prior results from August 2016 to see where I slowed.

2|23|19 (8|26|16)

50 back 35.36 (31.58) +3.78
100 breast 1:27.97 (1:19.38) +8.59
50 breast 38.09 (33.67) +4.42
100 free 1:03.57 (58.37) +5.20
50 free 28.46 (25.71) +2.75
50 free (200 fr relay) 1 (leg 3) 28.09
​50 free (200 IM relay) 2 (leg 4) 27.89
​50 free (200 fr relay) 3 (leg 4) 27.40
​50 free (200 fr relay) 4 (leg 4) 26.98

I thought my freestyle would be the stroke to suffer, but it was the opposite. Interestingly was for each relay leg I swam, it was a little faster than the prior, which tells me the 50 free is so much to do with the execution of the race and less to do with conditioning.

I'm not going to whine about how slow these times are because I am actually happy with them, excluding the 50 br, 100 br, and 50 bk

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  1. Kenny100's Avatar
    I'd say those times are really good, especially for the amount of swimming you've been able to accomplish. I'm still working on getting my 100 yd freestyle close to 1 minute!
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    Thank you Kenny,

    I never lost much general conditioning. Maintained performing lactate production sets on the crossfit type of bikes (assault, rouge). Even though my pool time was spotty, sometimes over a month, when I did go I would typically do 200 IM kicks. This meet is experimental proof for importance of kicking (at least for me).

    Another odd result I found, is from all 8 free turns I accomplished at the meet, every single one was good. It was a hit and miss before.

    Good luck reaching your sub-minute 100fr. That is a good goal!