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Meet 03/02/19: SpringOff the Blocks (NY)

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After swimming a short workout with the Masters team I headed over to Albany, NY, with my wife for my first time competing at the Spring Off The Blocks meet at the Guilderland YMCA.

I was able to get in 900 in warmups before getting ready for my events for the day. I picked three in the beginning of the schedule so that I won't be at the pool all day. haha

Event 3: 200yd breast: 2:57.01
-- I worked my streamlines and not a whole lot more in my biennial attempt at this race. I am still convinced that I will someday learn to swim breast quickly

Event 6: 100yd IM: 1:04.07
-- Came in third in the heat with a good swim. I built-up the fly and cranked the back then lost ground to everyone on breast. I tried to finish strong with a good in season time.

Event 11: 100yd back: 1:01.77
-- I felt like I had a great swim. I was close the wall on the second turn but recovered. However I didn't adjust and was way to close on the last turn and didn't get any sdk's off the wall.

I added 800 between events and with warmdown and headed into the city for some shopping and lunch with my wife. It was great to see from swimming buddies from past events and to make some new friends. The meet was well run and I was done in about 75 minutes.

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