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Why pay when you can barter?

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Not many of us are getting rich from the lucrative profession of being a Masters swim coach. Rewards for our efforts, in more cases than not, are smiles, not shekels, thank yous, not dinero. Ever try to pay for swim equipment or pool rental fees with a smile or a thank you? Your good looks and pleasantries will only get you so far.

So, what can you do to pay for goods and services with something other than cash? Consider using the resources and talents at your disposal to barter/trade for what you need.

Are you capable of delivering your coaching skills, organizational expertise, or technical knowledge of meet management software? What skills and resources are members in your Masters program willing to share that can be bartered for your clubs benefit?

Here are just a few things aquatic facilities need that your club can provide:

Personnel to be lifeguards and teach lessons
Volunteers to provide manpower at events
Donations of goods and services
Donations of food and beverages for events
Exposure to popular media outlets, social and otherwise
Programming for the aquatic community such as an adult learn-to-swim program or stroke, start, and turns clinics.

Cull your resources while keeping your wallet in your pocket.

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