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Swimming Through Jello

3/27/19 Workout

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by , March 27th, 2019 at 08:38 AM (218 Views)
Wednesday, 3/27/2019 Pool Workout

Bringing yardage down a bit for Ozark Masters Champs this weekend. Not quite peaking, I definitely already did that for Sectionals and three weeks is a little quick to bring it all the way up and back down again. More of a drop taper.

1000 mix warmup

8x75 1:20
o-SLOB dolphin/free/SLOB dolphin
e-free/long UDK/free
1-4 no fins, 5-8 fins

5x{2x100 pull 1:30 br 3/4/5/7 x 50
50 free w/fast kick 1:00}

12x25 VS :30 fl/bk/br

3 starts + 25 ez

100 warmdown


An IBD flare up is the best way to make you feel completely out of control of your own body. Super uncomfortable and definitely not getting good sleep the past week. Somehow I'm still swimming pretty fast, but after the meet this weekend I'm taking a week completely off.

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