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Sprint Day - 3/27/19

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So I signed up for my first ever Masters meet in Nashville in May, just in the 50 and 100 free and so I've been trying to do one true sprint workout a week. Because I only have access to train scy and the meet is lcm, I am trying to add 25 extra to help with endurance. So typically I'd do this main set as 100's and 50's, but I beefed it up for the sake of racing again (it's been over a decade).

W/U (1200):

300 swim
200 IM drill w/ fins
6x50 kick w/ fins @ 1:00
8x25 fast/easy, easy/fast, fast, easy x 2
200 pull long & smooth

Main (900):

3x125 FAST @ 2:30
50 easy
3x75 FAST @ 1:45
50 easy
4x25 FAST @ 1:00
100 easy

Total: 2100

I originally wrote the workout to add 8x50's stroke - 25dr/25sw at the end, but to be honest I was spent after the main set so I left it at that. If you need more warm down, feel free to add those 50's at the end.

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  1. JPEnge's Avatar
    Yay for meets! I did all of the 50s in my first Masters meet.
  2. rmjenkins14's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JPEnge
    Yay for meets! I did all of the 50s in my first Masters meet.
    I'm excited! Another swimmer at the pool asked me if I was doing the 200 and I'm sure my face was priceless.
  3. JPEnge's Avatar
    Ha! I tried a couple 200s at Masters Nats and landed pianos on my back the last 50. Kind of want to get back to that distance though. Doing a 200 IM at my meet this weekend.
  4. Sojerz's Avatar
    You could also try swimming some 50s and 100s turning at the T instead of the wall for the 1st and 3rd turns (no walls and push-offs). It takes a lot to get the momentum back up; sort of simulating a 100 lcm with only one turn.
  5. rmjenkins14's Avatar
    That's a good idea too, I can incorporate that once or twice a week. Eventually I want to do a 200 again but that's an uphill mental battle.