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3|28|19 day 13

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Did a meet last weekend. Not a good performance here from nonexisting preparation for racing. Instead of resting or training, I finished pulling out this tree stump. Also spent too much energy using 18 chainsaw intended for branches. Remember next time for projects as such, to rent a 24 saw
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Well, the 100 fr was about 7 entire seconds slower than 2016 lol. It seems the lagging is from the block, likely holding back, playing it safe, but the turns were half stroke too late. The meet did offer 25s, but limited number of available timers kept the touch-pad assembly at the block side of the pool, so we had to start from the tile with a stainless steel corner beam, 12 back from wall. Not ideal setup for a lanky geezer.

Was not a total waste of effort, in fact a total opposite. It pointed out what I need to work on to get back up to the curve. 50 fr 2.5 seconds off where it would be. Over 1 second can be lost on the start and turn alone, and another second with 5 months of training. Well see

Todays swim LCM pool (13th swim for 2019)
Swam in the short, 12m section to practice turns
About 30 minutes of free with snorkel, 10 minutes of which was resting. Also did some bk and br.

Then 12 x 24m (with turn) nb fr, dive from side, rested about 20 -40 seconds between.

Then a 50 lcm flutter kick for time with snorkel- 0:51
50 lcm easy frog kick
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