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Question: Preliminaries/Finals Formats

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Is it permissible to run a sanctioned or recognized meet with a format that includes preliminaries and finals?


This is covered in article 102.5.5.

Formats other than timed finals, including preliminary heats and finals, are permitted under USMS rules only for short course yards meets. National Championship meets may only be conducted in a timed finals format. The only difference is that when an alternate format is used, swimmers may only swim three events per day. We also say that if a format other than timed finals is used, the meet announcement should state the process for seeding since we dont cover seeding for prelims when finals are scheduled in the rule book.

For meets held in 25-meter or 50-meter pools, all events must be conducted as timed finals, which means that swimmers only swim the event one time and the results are determined by ranking the official times of all swimmers who compete in the event.

Charles Cockrell
USMS Rules Committee Chair

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