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Sunday 04072019

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Sunday afternoon solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

1600 w/u various

100 kick w/board + fins

4 rounds (25 drill/25 free/25 stroke/25 free/25 drill), w/fins

100 kick w/board + fins

600 swim w/fins (8:17)

100 kick w/board + fins

4 x 150 swim w/fins @ 2:10

100 kick w/board + fins

200 easy swim no equip., 25 free/25 back/25 free/25 breast x 2

1000 free cruise (14:15)

10 x 200 @ 3:00

200 easy swim no equip., 25 free/25 back/25 free/25 breast x 2

900 free cruise (12:56)

4 x 300 @ 4:30

200 easy swim no equip., 25 free/25 back/25 free/25 breast x 2

800 free cruise (11:40)

4 x 200 @ 2:55, swim w/Agility paddles

200 easy swim no equip., 25 free/25 back/25 free/25 breast x 2

100 free for time (just for kicks...1:16)

300 w/d

TTL: 11,600 yards

Total for the week (Mon-Sun): 32,050 yards or 18.21 miles!

I really wanted to get to Barton Springs this morning, but unfortunately storms prevented that. There was a big 10k run in Austin that was cancelled for the first time ever (Cap 10k). I barely managed to walk the dogs (at an early hour) and it was just starting to sprinkle as we were getting home.

so I called the pool around 1 to make sure they were open, the gal says, "yes, we're open until 6pm" I clarify, "just wanted to make sure because of the storms." she says, "looks like they're all gone."
so when I get there the pool was empty. I told them I was the one who called. I also told them that I was planning to swim for about 3 hours (just so they wouldn't get their hopes up of an afternoon playing on their phones in the room). When I was about the 8800 mark on my watch (doesn't track kicking), before I started the 800 I was doing feeds and one asked me, "how many laps is that?" I told him, "about 9000 yards."
when I got out, all 3 guards came and asked me how far I swam. when I told them that guy said, "I can barely swim 300 for the lifeguard test." I said, "when I guarded it was 500."

there were 2 others in the water at different points. one guy on the far end for maybe 30 minutes, then a guy went in a lane next to me when I was about the 9500 or so mark...seemed to be racing me.
weather wasn't horrible. upper 60s temps, mostly cloudy (it got a bit sunny around the 10k mark).
the water level in the pool was super high--almost flush with the edge. it is usually 3-4" below that. I guess that's what 4" of rain in 2 days does. it was a touch cooler, but that felt great for me. is much easier psychologically for me to do a swim like this outside. the gym pool is open nearly all the time, but 2 lanes, with questionable chemical levels....

I'm still hoping for a swim or 2 at Barton Springs and/or Deep Eddy before my trip. but I think this was my last long swim. next week maybe 6-7k.

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