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Recovery Day - 4/12/18

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This is from Friday, I just didn't get a chance to post because I was busy all weekend being a swim taxi for my daughter. The cold/allergies really got me this week and still fighting some shoulder pain, so I did a stroke based set and then a kick set rather than a bunch of freestyle. Back to the grind tomorrow!

W/U (1000):

300 swim
300 kick w/ fins
200 IM drill
200 stroke - bk/LG br by 100

Main (1000):
Stroke - I did 1st rd bk, 2nd rd br

1x225 - 75 k/d/s - build
1x150 - 50 k/d/s - build
1x75 - 25 k/d/s - build
2x25 FAST stroke

Kick w/ Fins (900):
I did fl kick on my back

1x25 - FAST
1x50 - 25f/25e
1x75 - 50f/25e
1x100 - 50f/50e
1x125 - 75f/50e
1x150 - 75f/75e
1x175 - 100f/75e
1x200 - 100f/100e

100 easy

Total: 3000

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