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Sunday 04142019

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by , April 14th, 2019 at 06:32 PM (115 Views)
after weeks of putting it off due to weather, I finally was able to get down to Barton Springs for some, "open water," training this morning

splashed around 7:10am

air temp was about 45F.
Water temp about 68F.

there were a bunch of triathletes splashing around the same time, most in wetsuits. I asked how many loops they'd be doing...when they said 4 (about a mile) I said, "it really isn't worth the effort of putting on and taking off a wetsuit for that." one told me the wetsuit makes him 6 minutes faster.

anyway, I snagged a place on deck for my water and Gatorade bottles, fins, and I put out Agility paddles too. figured better to have too much stuff out and not need it.

the water really felt so nice. with the cooler air temp, the water didn't feel as bad as it does in summer (it is from natural springs, so the water temp is about the same all the time).

did 5 loops, took a break for feeds. on the last loop I started passing a bunch of those triathletes.
then I did another 5 loops, stopped again for feeds. the triathletes were all gone.
I put on the fins and did another 5 loops. stopped for feeds again.
just did 2 more laps, then got out.

total: 17 loops, about 4.25 miles (each loop is about .25 mile)

saw an amazing sunrise as I was getting in the water:

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