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Friday 04192019

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by , April 19th, 2019 at 01:26 PM (90 Views)
Friday AM solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

1050 w/u

100 kick w/board + fins
4 x 125 done as 25 drill/25 free/25 stroke/25 free/25 drill w/fins
25 easy free w/fins
25 fast breast w/fins (fly kick), :13

100 kick w/board + fins
500 swim w/fins
100 kick w/board + fins

100 easy

3 rounds of 4 x 25 @ :30, done as:
* easy/fast
* fast/easy
* all easy
* all fast
did an easy 50 free after rounds 1 and 2
rounds 1 & 3 free, round 2 breast

100 easy

200 swim w/Agility paddles

100 w/d

TTL: 3300 yards

that may not seem like a taper workout to many...but it is much less than I've been doing. 2 Fridays ago I swam 7200. last Friday 5000. I started cutting some weights and treadmill stuff on Tuesday, and cut more yesterday (no weights yesterday).
I actually felt kind of speedy on the 25s. my free times were about 14/15, and breast 17.
I might do a swim over the weekend, about 3000, and probably Monday morning.
there's a casual swim on Tuesday morning at Saguaro Lake that I should just make (I arrive around 9am and I'll head straight out to the lake). I like getting a feel for the water ahead of time. I'm thinking maybe 30 min tops.

they posted heat sheets (for 200s and less) for nationals and I'm not very happy with my 200 breast. I'm in lane 9, with the fastest guy seeded 30 seconds faster. the guy in lane 1 is seeded 30 seconds slower. just doesn't seem to make any sense. while it is kind of nice to swim with just guys in my age group, I'd far rather swim with people about my speed so I get an actual race (I don't really care if they are 20 years older, I know I'm slow). my first thought was to just no show, but if I'm feeling ok, maybe I'll give it a shot.
I'll do online check-in for the 1000 and 500. at least those are seeded by speed (the 1000 has M/W together, and I've accepted that I'll probably be in a mixed heat, maybe even the only guy in the heat). hopefully no end lanes for those.... I really won't know until the morning of if I'm feeling up to the 1000, after swimming Saguaro (9 miles or so) the day before.
a friend who's also swimming in the meet is staying with me. I figure I'll drop him off for the 1650, then head to Eldorado pool and do a warm-up swim, take it from there and see how I feel. (he's swimming the 1650, 1000, 500 free, 200 breast, and 200 fly , then flying home Friday night). I'm sure he'll egg me into swimming my events.

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