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Saturday 04202019

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by , April 20th, 2019 at 08:48 PM (172 Views)
Saturday PM solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

1000 w/u various

100 kick w/board + fins
4 x 125 (25 drill/25 free/25 stroke/25 free/25 drill) w/fins
100 kick w/board + fins
400 free w/fins
100 kick w/board + fins
100 easy

3 rounds of 25s @ :30, done as:
* half easy/half fast
* half fast/half easy
* all easy
* all fast

50 easy after rounds 1 and 2

2 x 100 swim w/Agility paddles

200 w/d

TTL: 3100 yards, 52 minutes
Backstroke: 150 yards
Breaststroke: 275 yards
Kick: 300 yards
Freestyle: 2375 yards

it was a beautiful day, sunny skies, temp 80-82. was expecting the pool to be busy, but just a few others there. one woman doing some adult lessons and one other guy for a bit.

I'm a much better morning swimmer, never feel as smooth or as fast when I work out later in the day.

planning to be off tomorrow from swimming, and one more taper pool workout on Monday, similar to what I did today.

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