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Swimming Through Jello

4/29/19 Workout

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by , April 29th, 2019 at 08:14 AM (201 Views)
Sunday mostly rest day, besides fighting with the last few honeysuckle pests in my yard. Which was a bit more difficult than I expected.

Monday, 4/29/2019 Pool Workout

200 fr/200 IM k/200 fr dr/200 stroke

8x{50 p 1:00
50 k 1:10
50 sw :50
100 EZ 2:00}
rd 1-3 fr d from hard to all out, rd 4 stroke hard


Feel for the water is getting a bit better. Still not much endurance, both cardio and muscular. But overall better than I have been. Was up to 170# BW last night, so that's improving too.

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