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Tuesday 04302019

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by , April 30th, 2019 at 10:00 PM (313 Views)
normally I go to the gym Tuesday mornings...but I was so tired and sore this morning that I slept in.

PM solo swim @ Creekside pool (SCM)

1100 w/u

100 kick w/board + fins
4 x 125 done as drill/free/stroke/free/drill
100 kick w/board + fins
500 swim w/fins
100 kic w/board + fins

125 easy

50 breast @ 1:00
50 easy free @ 1:00
50 breast @ 1:00
50 easy free @ 1:00
50 breast @ 1:00

200 pull w/Agility paddles + buoy

250 w/d

TTL: 3300m

today was the first day Creekside was open for the season. it is in the same group as Sendero Springs, so my $60 annual pass works there too. there are swim teams that use Sendero on Tues/Thurs evenings.
Creekside isn't heated. the lifeguards checked and said it was about 77/78F, which I thought was rather pleasant. air temp was about 80F.

felt good to stretch out a bit, and the cool water felt really good too. there weren't any backstroke flags so I didn't do much (I did some and counted strokes). if I remember correctly, they usually have them on one side.

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