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Swimming Through Jello

5/2/19 Workout

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Thursday, 5/2/2019 Pool Workout

3x{100 fr 1:35/100 IM 1:45/100 bk 1:55/100 k 2:05}

4x100 50 double arm bk/50 1-arm bk 2:00
4x100 w/fins 50 catchup bk/50 6-1-6 bk 1:45

2x4x150 2:45 d1-4
1) fr
2) fr/bk/fr
3) bk/fr/bk
4) bk

6x50 1:00 dr/sw warmdown


Still wouldn't confuse me for what I was two months ago, but today is the first day back that the water didn't feel like swimming through syrup!

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