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Friday 05032019

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Friday AM solo swim @ 24 Hour Fitness RR (SCY)

1300 w/u various

100 kick w/fins + board

4 x 125 (drill/free/stroke/free/drill)
25 easy free w/fins
25 fast fly w/fins

100 kick w/fins + board

500 swim w/fins
25 easy free w/fins
25 fast fly w/fins

100 kick w/fins + board

4 x 200 @ 3:00

100 easy

50 @ :55, done breast/free
50 @ :55, done free/breast
50 @ :55, done breast/free
50 @ :55, done free/breast
50 @ :55 easy free
50 @ :55, breast

4 x 150 @ 2:10, pull w/Agility paddles + buoy

300 w/d various

TTL: 4800 yards

Butterfly: 50 yards
Backstroke: 175 yards
Breaststroke: 375 yards
Freestyle: 3900 yards
Kick: 300 yards

it was raining when I woke up. by the time I left it had slowed and I thought maybe Sendero (outside) would be open, but that thought was dashed when I saw lightning a few times while driving out of the neighborhood. I didn't even bother going there, I just drove straight to the gym.
the pool is only 2 lanes. there was 1 guy in when I got there, so I got in the other lane. he left, but another guy came almost right away. at some point he left (I was doing my 200s), and I moved over (I prefer that lane). a woman got in the other lane, and commented how she prefers the lane she was in (there are steps down to it, probably one reason I don't). anyway, someone else went in with her, and toward the end I had a guy sharing with me too.

the swim felt fine. not really any more soreness from my swims last week. and 4800 is a decent quantity, probably a good place to stay at for a while until I figure out what swims I'll be doing next.

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  1. Calvin S's Avatar
    I often choose the step lane at the LRRC so that I can avoid sharing a lane. It is sort of an unwritten rule that the end lanes (particular the end lane with the stairs) is the last lane to be shared. I feel not a hint of rudeness telling someone who asks to share the end lane with me that they should share with someone in lanes 2-7 instead. Also I can always make the argument, "You should probably swim with someone more your speed."

    I have, on occasion, been in a situation where I am forced to share the end lane. Really find it funny when the person gets in to share with me and says "I need the lane rope [non-wall] side." To that I always say "no." First person in the lane gets to choose which side they wish to swim on (another unwritten rule at the club)!
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    Ah the lane dynamics during lap swim

    This is just a 2-lane 25 yard pool. Some people will sit on the stairs in that lane, sometimes creeping out and doing stretches or just walking around. I've almost run into people when I'm in that lane.
    The other lane seems be where more serious (well from a gym pool perspective) swim.
    I've been going to this gym for about 3 years so know most of the usual people who are there in the mornings, especially in the pool. Normally I just do a short swim-down after spending time on the treadmill, weights, stretching, etc. The guy who got in the lane with me today was the one who let me share with him yesterday.
    I agree with you on the rope side of the lane. That's a pretty bold ask, and I wouldn't feel bad saying no. Some people will offer that to me, and I'll gladly take it.

    Speaking of lap-pool lane dynamics...when I was in AZ last week, I did a meet warm-up at Eldorado pool in Scottsdale before heading to Kino. I swam at that pool years ago when I lived there and remember people getting mad if I got in, "their," lane in the morning. Last week I think I got in the lane I used to swim in then. But there were a few other people there, doing the same thing that I was (I really don't understand why more people swimming at a big meet like nationals don't see out alternate pools for warm-up.)
    I do have a preferred lane at Sendero; it isn't a wall lane and is one of 2 that doesn't have any jets on the wall, so I don't have to worry about hitting them on turns. But I'll swim in any lane, and I think I've been in all 8 lanes at some point.