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Saturday 05042019

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Saturday afternoon solo swim @ Sendero (SCY)

1100 w/u various

100 kick w/board + fins
4 x 125 (drill/free/stroke/free/drill)
100 kick w/board + fins
25 easy free w/fins
25 fast fly w/fins
500 free w/fins
25 easy free w/fins
25 fast fly w/fins
100 kick w/board + fins

main sets:
2 x 400 @ 6:00 (held 5:32/5:33), right into
2 x 300 @ 4:15 pull w/Agility paddles + buoy (held 3:58), right into
2 x 200 @ 3:00 (2:45 and 2:42), right into
100 @ 1:45, 50 breast/50 free (1:23)
100 breast (1:28)

300 w/d various

TTL: 4800 yards, 78 minutes

50 fly
175 back
350 breast
300 kick
3925 free

I was toying with swimming for a while. when we were out running errands, I got a McDonald's chocolate shake and it was sitting in my stomach; I felt like a beached whale. so I figured I might as well get wet

had no idea what I would swim, but as I was doing my drill sets this came to me and worked out wonderfully. I feel like I'm back, and swimming my usual intervals.

I don't think I was alone in the pool at all. there was a guy there when I got there, he left but someone else showed up. then 2 others (I think a husband/wife). temps were around 75-80, some high clouds off/on. water felt a little warm, I'm guessing low 80s.

they finally announced the event order for our local meet:

I definitely want to do the 400 and 200 free. I'll do either the 100 free or 200 breast (they're back-to-back and I'm afraid I'd get no rest for the 2breast if I did both).
I'll do the 100 breast, and either the 50 free or breast (again back-to-back). I'm not much of a might just go with breast there. I'm not much of a flyer (I can probably do a sad 50), and I could do back but I'm just not fast (I've done the 50 a few times).
I'm leaning toward:
200 breast
400 free
200 free
100 breast
50 breast
there aren't very many USMS meets in Austin; maybe one or two a year. I'd expect about 50-75 people to show up (maybe more if some come from San Antonio). warm-ups start at noon, the meet starts at 1, and I'm guessing it will be done by 4. there's an LMSC board meeting after, and since I'm on the board I might as well swim too. actually some of the board members are from San Antonio, so I'm sure at least a few folks will come from there (probably an hour drive to the meet pool).

I think I figured out a good 10k for this summer too (well maybe I'll try to do 2 if I can):
I have a cousin in the SLC area and he will probably paddle for me (he's an ultra parked at the SLC marathon finish, ran to the start, then ran the race from start to finish). figure I can get in a good swim and visit in the same trip.

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