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Calvin S

Monday 5/13/19

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AM lets call it 35 meters Solo @ Disney Port Orleans Resort, Orlando Vacation Day #3

Finally got to the pool this morning. Going to call the length I swam about 35 meters given stroke count. Got 20 lengths easy FR and then 4x 3x35 k/dr/sw RIMO.

Side note: Disney World is NOT the happiest place on earth. My two children spent the majority of the time over the last two days at the park crying and complaining about (in no particular order): the heat, having to walk, getting wet (when it rained), not enough characters to meet, too many characters to meet (sensory overload), etc. Anyways, waiting on bus to head to cruise ship. Still hoping to get a swim in tomorrow in Nassau.

So glad to be getting away from Disney World.

Total: 1300 (when you count paddling around to help my kids in the pool as well)

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