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Swimming Through Jello

5/16/19 Workout

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Thursday, 5/16/2019 Pool Workout

3x{100 fr 1:25/100 IM 1:35/100 bk 1:45/100 k 1:55}
//Tried the faster intervals today for Thursday warmup. Went alright.

4x{250 fr or p 3:15
150 mix IM 2:30
100 fr build 1:45
50 fast k IMO 1:00}

6x50 dr/ch ez 1:00

2x4x25 :30 o/c/UDK/ez

100 warmdown


Main set did not go particularly well. Lungs just not there yet, I had a very hard time catching my breath. Survived though, that's all that matters at the moment.

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