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Sunday 05192019

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Sunday AM swim @ Barton Springs

as I walked down the stairs to the pool deck I was greeted with an amazing sunrise:

I staked out a place to put my stuff and got set up. I like to put my deck things near the 1/8 mile marker (it is 1/8 mile from there to the dam). had these things there:
* water bottle
* Gatorade
* fins
* Agility paddles

grabbed a cap and goggles and made my way into the water. air temp was around 75F and quite humid when I started so the 70F water felt really nice. I broke my set up as:
* 6 loops swim
* 5 loops swim
* 3 loops swim w/fins
* 2 loops swim w/Agility paddles
* 1 loop swim

at each of the breaks I did feeds. I'm trying to get my body adjusted for feeds of water-Gatorade-water, so that's what I did today. each loop is about 1/4 mile. I saw a clock that didn't have the correct time, but when I was swimming a loop took about 10 minutes, and I was slightly faster with fins then paddles. of course on the last loop I tried to keep that same pace or even go faster. right when I was finishing I saw a guy swimming with large paddles, so I had to pass him (we actually chatted after I finished, he was doing feeds, and we know many of the same people)

my Apple Watch said I swam 4.14 miles in 2:27:36 (the time includes feed breaks). the distance can be a bit flakey, as it depends on cell towers for my watch (sometimes it is 2 miles or more further than I know that I swim there).

overall the swim felt great! I'll probably go back next Sunday and go a little further.

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