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Calvin S

Tuesday 5/28/19

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PM Weights @ LRRC
PM LCM w/ Trip @ LRRC "There's a glitch in the Matrix"


3x10 BB RDL (45/65#)
3x10 BB back squat (45/65#)
3x10 S-leg glute (30/70#)
3x10 S-leg curl (10/30#)
3x10 S-leg extension (10/30#)
3x15 hip adductor (70#)
3x15 hip abductor (70#)


700 swim every 4th 25 kick H.A.S. w/ fins + SNKL

12x150 @ 2:10 D1-4, 5-8, 9-12 to RED
(1:53, 1:52, 1:49 on #4, #8, and #12)

100 EZ
3x100 @ 1:40 PINK w/ 12.5 kick-outs off all walls
100 EZ

Total: 3000

So Trip was really unhappy with his 12x150 yesterday. The hot water had him struggling and he did not make the interval on all 12. He therefore insisted he had to redo the set today. I forgot my parachute to do power work, so it was back to the 12x150 again!

(Also Trip made all 12 no problem today)

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