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Swimming Through Jello

5/29-30/19 Workout

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These past couple days workouts were pretty disappointing and made me feel like I'm all the way back at square one again. I'm pretty sure most of it is still being sore from Murph Monday, but it still was not fun to be as slow as I have been.

Wednesday, 5/29/2019 CrossFit Workout PM

Warmup - 200m run, tabata jump rope and DB warmup

Strength - A1) DB Bench Press - 50/10, 60/10,10,10
A2) Split Squat - 4x12 per leg
A3) Pendlay row - 95/8, 115/8,8,8

Conditioning - AMRAP 15
200m run
10 push press 95#
40 double unders
5 rounds

Thursday, 5/30/2019 Pool Workout

First long course day of the year, also we only get an hour on Thursdays.

5x200 backstroke addon

8x75 1:30 w/fins 50 flutter kick/25 IMO

4x125 2:20 double up IM dr

6x100 2:00 IM fast/fr p ez

100 warmdown


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