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Swimming Through Jello

6/1/19 Workout

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Friday 6/1/2019 Garage Workout

Had to coach Masters and supervise some of the National group kids today because everybody else was off at meets in various places, so I didn't get in a second swim this week like I wanted to. Hope to do Mon/Thu/Sat next week. Lifted in the garage instead. It's coming back, very very slowly.

Snatch first pull + Snatch - 95/2+1, 115/2+1, 125/2+1, 135/2+1, 145/2+1, 155/2+1, 165/2+1

Power Jerk - 95/3, 115/3, 135/3, 155/3, 175/3

Pause Front Squat - 135/3, 165/3x5

Then 23 minute leisurely bike ride with the wife.

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